Your digital race engineer.

BreakLimit.net is for the true racer who cares about nothing but the fastest lap times. The ones who knows the tracks but need to find that little extra in the car to push things further. The ones that works hard to stay on top of the leaderboards. In every motorsport you have the driver along with his team of engineers. While the gamer is the driver he/she most likely misses the other side.

While you the gamer are the driver you can see BreakLimit.net as your personal digital engineering team. Since racing simulators such as Forza Motorsports, Project Cars, Grand Turismo and other racing simulators out there want to come as close as possible to real life racing, these racing sim’s use real physics in their game engines. This means that when you tune your car you should as well use real physics to figure out your starting point. So in order to get it right you need to know your science and math formulas. This takes time and not everyone has the interest in being that math expert. And this needs to be taken into consideration every time you make changes to your car. BreakLimit.net has the vision of being an organic site containing digital tools free to use by anyone across platforms. We are inviting real life engineers to help us better the numbers and make them as accurate as possible. We also invite everyone to give us feedback as we always strive to make the site better for you, the gamer… the race driver.

Break Limit’s key points:

  • Use of real physics
  • Easy to use
  • Platform Independent
  • Developed for you, the gamer!